X-BULL Winch Recovery Kit Snatch Strap Off Road 4WD Mounting Pins Recovery Tracks Boards Gen 2.0 RED V211-AUEB-XBRK011ST001-P

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This comprehensive kit has everything you need to tackle the toughest recoveries, whether you're a seasoned off-roader or a weekend adventurer.

The Kit Includes:

2 Gen2.0 Recovery Tracks: These heavy-duty tracks provide traction on sand, mud, snow, and rock, letting you easily maneuver your vehicle out of any sticky situation.

4PCS Mounting Pins: Thsese mounting hardwares will securely mounting your X-BULL recovery tracks on a roof rack or baes. The set includes 4 pins which can securely hold 2-X-BULL recovery tracks, 8 iron nuts and 8 flat iron washer.
The new hardwares had been upgraded, added anti-rust coating material, so the cilor of the products received will be darker than those in the picture

9m Tow Strap: This high-strength strap with D-ring shackles lets you pull or be pulled safely and securely.

4.75 Tonne Shackles (2): These forged steel shackles provide a strong connection point for your tow strap and other recovery gear.

8-Ton Snatch Block: Double your winching power and change pulling direction with this versatile block.

Recovery Damper: Protect your winch and yourself from sudden load surges with this energy-absorbing damper.

Folding Survival Shovel: Dig yourself out of a tough spot with this compact and sturdy shovel.

Shackle Hitch Receiver: Mount your shackles easily and securely to your receiver hitch.

Trailer Hitch Lock: Prevent hitch theft and secure your trailer with this heavy-duty lock.

Tire Deflator: Quickly and accurately deflate your tires for improved traction off-road.

Durable Bag: Keep all your gear organized and protected in this handy bag.

Leashes (2): Secure your recovery tracks and other gear to prevent them from rolling away.

Why Choose the X-BULL Winch Recovery Kit

High-quality components: Built with the toughest materials and construction for reliable performance.
Comprehensive kit: Everything you need for successful recoveries in one convenient package.
Portable and organized: Keep your gear neatly stored and ready to go.
Versatile: Perfect for a variety of off-road vehicles and situations.
Don't get left stranded! Order your X-BULL Winch Recovery Kit today and be prepared for anything the road throws your way!

Additional Features:

10 Ton load capacity on flat ground for the recovery tracks
CTN Size: 920 x320 x125mm
Available in Red, Black, Orange, and Blue
Order now and get ready for your next adventure!

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