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Queen rearing and marking are two frequent processes involved in beekeeping. Both of these processes are very important for beekeeping as marking is the process that helps in keeping track of the bees and their age and rearing is the process of increasing the number of queens.
Both of these processes require some specialized beekeeping tools. For instance, the process of queen marking requires a queen catcher, marking cage, plunger, and a marker. Whereas, the process of rearing involves the use of cell cups, queen cages, Nicot cage, grafting tools, and may also need traveling cages.
The best thing about this toolkit is that it covers all the tools needed for both of these processes.
Moreover, another great thing is that with this combo, you are getting all these tools coming at a lesser price than what you would have to pay for all these tools separately.

Plastic larvae tool
Plastic queen catcher
Plastic queen rearing Nicot kit
Plastic queen marking cage with a plunger
Queen marker

Package Include:
1 X Nicot
1 X Marking pen
1 X Queen Marking Cage
1 X Plastic larvae tool
1 X Plastic Queen Catcher
1 X Queen Disc
10 X Bee Cage
10 X Queen Cage
120 X Nicot Cell

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