Photofast AirCharge Qi Compatible 10W Fast Charge V28-ELEPTFAC8000

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10W Fast Charge

Designed to Fast Charge Qi compatible devices. 

Small and Compact

Compact and easy to carry.PC-ABS Material - flameproof and shockproof.

 Advanced Temperature Control

Special designed fabric texture keeping the surface temperature cool.

Eliminate concerns for overheating. Ensure user safety.

Auto Power Cut When Fully Charged

Prevent overcharge. 

Protect your battery and prolong the life cycle of your battery.


No need to remove cellphone cases. 

Charge on contact without slowing down charging speed.

Large Charging Circuit

Large charging detection area. 

High charging efficiency. Supports fast charge. 

Package Content:

1 x Photofast AirCharge Qi Compatible 10W Fast Charge (AC8000)