Karrera 39in Electric Guitar - Pink EGP-5W-PK

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This A-grade, full-sized Karrera electric guitar has a fully adjustable bridge, tone and volume controls, a 3-layer pickguard, and a removable whammy bar. It's ideal for teens, students, or anyone who wants to hone their musical talents further. Play alone, start a band, or make your own music - with this electric guitar, the possibilities are endless!

This 39-inch Karrera electric guitar has an adjustable neck truss rod, features not found on cheaper models. It also has a pickup selector switch and a removable whammy bar so you can experiment with your music!

  • Brilliant gloss finish
  • Original style pickguard
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Removable whammy bar

  • 1 x 39inch Electric Guitar