600PCS Deutsch DT Connector Plug Kit With Genuine Deutsch Crimp Tool Auto Marine V201-EBA0500BL8AU

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- DT Series Connectors: Our DT Series connectors offer reliability and rugged quality, with optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, lower cost, and design flexibility; Waterproof and dustproof will without loss of electronic qualities or leakage after installed.
- Easy To Install: Buckle design ensures accurate and complete insertion of the contact in the housing and prevents it from slipping out of the connector. It can also be easily removed when needed.
- High precision terminals: Connector terminals use high-precision phos-copper plating process to improve conductivity, easy to install under soldering and crimping.
- Product Quality: All the connector plugs are made of high quality environmental-friendly nylon materials, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, durable enough for your long term using.
- Wide Application: These waterproof connectors are suitable for various wire connectors of motorcycle, scooter, car, truck, quad bike, caravan, marine and other automotive equipment.

Size of Case Package: 31.5cm x 6cm x 25cm
Size of Green band pins: 0.2cm x 2cm
Size of Green band sockets: 0.2cm x 2.1cm
Size of tool crimps: 7cm x 16.5cm
Weight: 1.7kg

16 x DT04-2P 2-way receptacle with wedgelock
16 x DT06-2S 2-way plug with wedgelock
6 x DT04-3P 3-way receptacle with wedgelock
6 x DT06-3S 3-way plug with wedgelock
6 x DT04-4P4-way receptacle with wedgelock
6 x DT06-4S 4-way plug with wedgelock
6 x DT04-6P 6-way receptacle with wedgelock
6 x DT06-6S 6-way plug with wedgelock
2 x DT04-8P 8-way receptacle with wedgelock
2 x DT06-8S 8-way plug with wedgelock
1 x DT04-12P 12-way receptacle with wedgelock
1 x DT06-12S 12-way plug with wedgelock
120 x 0460-215-16141 #16 Green band pins to suit 2.00mm 2 wire
120 x 0462-209-16141 #16 Green band sockets to suit 2.00mm 2 wire
160 x 114017 White sealing blanks
6 x 1011-026-0205 Mounting brackets (suits all but 8 way)
1 x Deutsch crimp tool
1 x 15 compartment heavy duty case with removable partitions

Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slight different from the color shown on the pictures.

If the customer change their mind and want to cancel the order, please contact us within 2-3 hours after placing the order. Or, once the package is dispatched, we won't be able to intercept packages in transit. Please understand.

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