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This Medium Kill Cone is an easy and humane way way to restrain and dispatch poultry. It is ideal for backyard and free range farmers. Placed in head first, the head-down position has a calming effect on the bird. Made of sturdy galvanised sheet metal, and is easy to assemble, use and clean. Features upper and lower lips and riveted mounting bracket. 


  • Length: 29cm
  • Top Diameter: 23cm
  • Bottom Diameter: 8cm
  • Material: Galvanised Metal
  • Mounting Hook: suitable to mount on 2-2.5cm fence or board

Directions For Use and Assembly:

  1. Screw metal mounter onto to fence or board with the rectangular opening facing upwards
  2. Screw hook into cone
  3. Slide hook into rectangular opening at the top and through to the bottom rectangular opening
The cone allows chicken or duck to be placed in head first. Then pull down and stretch the neck out to sever the jugular vein and allow a clean bleed out before removing the head. The wings and legs are pulled down into the cone to prevent being flogged or clawed. Hang on a fence or board fastened at a comfortable working height.


  • 1x  Cone
  • 1x  Wall Mounter
  • 1x  Hook
  • 6x  Screws
  • 6x  Bolts

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