Sound Deadener Butyl Rubber Car Heat Shield Noise Insulation Mat 20pcs/50x40cm CAR1024-20PCS-50X40

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Is your car too loud Install some butyl sound deadener and drive in peace. Reduce vibrations coming through your car panels. Perhaps your infant will now be able to sleep in the back seat.

All you need is a blade or heavy-duty scissors to cut your sound deadening material into the right shape. Line it up and measure it perfectly to the edge of the door.

Just peel the wax paper backing off and press your sound deadening insulation directly onto your car frame. It will stick without any extra products needed. No messy tar or glue.

Make sure the temperature of the surface is between -15°C to 60°C. Clean off the panelling and make sure it is dry. Measure and cut the sheets. Press down firmly. Done. Put the car back together now.

Form a tight seal on the panels of your car. Perfect for protecting the surface from rust and moisture. Just make sure you follow the instructions for the sound deadening insulation because replacing it will be a pain.

Key Features:

  • Butyl rubber sound deadener
  • Real effective vibration reduction
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Outstanding air-tightness
  • Water fire and UV proof
  • Non-toxic odourless and no bitumen
  • Strong self-adhesive
  • Embossed pattern
  • Easy to cut peel and fit
  • Easy to clean

Face material: Aluminium foil

Middle material: Butyl rubber

Base film material: Waxed paper

Recommend install temperature: -15°C to 60°C

Temperature resistant range: -30°C to 120°C


Thickness: 3mm   

Dimension: 50cm x 40cm


20pcs x Sound Deadener

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