Safetex 12V AGM Battery Box Portable Deep Cycle Battery Caravan Camping BATTERYBOX-006

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Drop in your AGM, lithium, calcium, flood, gel, or any other battery into your battery storage box. If it looks like a car battery, it will fit. (Check the dimensions first). Protect your battery from the elements.

Keep your battery safe from dust and rain in your battery storage case. Power your portable fridge. Keep your beers cold. Crack open a cold one with your mates. Just keep your battery charged.

Maybe not one size fits all but your RV battery box will fit most batteries. Put your battery in the box. Lock it down. Connect the wires. Now you are good to go.

Batteries are not like water bottles. You can’t visibly see when you are out of electricity. Your battery box has a digital display to tell you how much juice your battery still has.

Protect your battery from the elements. Dust and liquid can ruin your expensive battery. Even better, power USB or 12V devices.

Key features

  • Durable
  • Built-in cable management
  • Mounting bracket to accommodate batteries in different sizes
  • Digital voltage indicator
  • 10A manual reset circuit breaker
  • USB ports or 12V sockets
  • Positive and negative terminal connectors
  • Heavy-duty carry handle

Brand:  Safetex
Assembly Required: No
Number of Packages: 1
Inner dimensions: (W)350cm x (D)180cm x (H)200cm
Overall dimensions: (W)440cm x (D)245cm x (H)270cm

Material: PP

Max Battery Weight: 35kg

Suitable Battery Types: AGM, Lithium, Calcium, Flood, Gel

Ingress Protection: IP64 Dustproof & Waterproof

Cable Gauge: 8AWG

Ports: Dual USB Output(5V 2.1A)

            1x Cigarette plug output

  • 1 x 12VBattery Box

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