Lambu 6.5Mx30M Bird Netting Anti Net 5MMx5MM Mesh Commercial Outdoor Plant Tree UM2119-6.5X30

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Birds are lovely to have around. Bird netting stops those lovely birds eating your tasty fruit and vegetables. Keep all your hard work to yourself after you have netted your plants.

Insects can still get in and pollinate your plants underneath the bird net. Your trees can fruit and grow safely protected from your pesky flying friends.

Just cut your bird mesh to the size you need. Place it over your tree shrub or plants. Use clips tape or other tools to tie it down. At the end of the season take it off for the next year.

Put your anti bird netting up season after season. It is safe from rain sun and any sprays you might use. It is an environmentally friendly method to keep birds away.

You gotta spend money to save money. The new fruit tree netting will cost you once but it will save you lots in all the extra fruit you get to eat.

Key features

  • Protect your fruit and vegetables from birds
  • Safe from sun water and sprays
  • Small net holes
  • Cut to your preferred size
  • Anti-fray and high-density mesh
  • Heavy-duty knitted construction
  • NOTE: Do not bleach orrub harshly. Air dry. No machine wash.

Brand: Lambu

Material: PE (Polyethylene)

Net weight: 30g/m2

Mesh dimension: 5mm x 5mm

Stretched dimension: 6.5m x 30m

Colour: Black

  • 1x Lambu Anti-Bird Netting

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