Diamond Core Drill Bit 63mm Concrete Wet Dry Tile Stone Brick Marble 1-1/4 HW0163-63MM

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Need to put a nice round hole in a wall What about all the way through a cinder block or brick wall Your diamond core drill bit is the exact part you need.

How to drill a round hole. Drill a guide hole with your masonry bit. Connect your diamond core drill bit to the auger. Insert the guide bit. Drill for a few centimetres. Remove the guide bit. Finish off the hole.

Always wear gloves and put on safety glasses before drilling. If your powerful core drill doesn’t have a safety clutch then beware. Borrow or buy another safer core drill.

Your diamond core bit is compatible with any 1 ¼ inch threaded connection. Such a common size should not be an issue for you. Perfect for wet or dry cutting.

Pick from many sizes. Start at a small 52mm all the way up to a massive 152mm concrete core drill bit. You can drill holes of roughly up to 455mm which is the length of the tube.


Key Features:

  • Commercial grade 45# Steel
  • 10mm Diamond cutting teeth
  • 3mm Tube thickness
  • 1-1/4” UNC Thread size
  • Designed for wet and drydrill
  • Apply toconcrete marble bricks tiles granite stoneware and other masonry
  • Brand: Traderight
  • Material: 45# Steel
  • Cutting teeth material: Diamond
  • Cutting teeth length: 10mm
  • Threaded connection: 1 ¼ inch
  • Cutting diameters: 63mm
  • Length: 455mm
  • Colour: Red
  • 1x Traderight Diamond Core Drill Bit

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