90x30cm Soft Ocean Ball Toy Kids Baby Ocean Ball Play Soft Paddling Foam Pool V201-EBA9032DG-200AU

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Ocean ball pool:

Stretch cotton: soft, the fabric is not easy to shrink, and can directly touch the baby's skin. 5CM thickened inner core, soft and anti-rollover

Hidden zipper: one-piece molding, no dead angle to avoid scratching the baby.

Exquisite workmanship: the packaging is neat, firm, beautiful and generous, durable.

5CM high-density sponge: thickened high-density fabric, good shock absorption and buffering effect to protect the baby's health.

The color is soft and does not hurt the eyes: the scientific and soft color matching of dyes is used to care for the development of the baby's "eyeball".

Ocean ball:

More suitable for baby's grasping size: strengthen the visual and tactile connection at the same time, and promote the development of intelligence.

Bring the child's dream space home: the private paradise is more at ease, the storage and carrying are more convenient, and the baby will not be clingy all day long.

Select thickened PE: thickened PE material is soft, pressure-resistant, elastic, not easy to break, high in resilience, and comfortable to the touch.

Brilliant colors: teach children to distinguish colors and categories, and mobilize children's enthusiasm.

Coordinate the baby's mobility and imagination: through play, coordinate the baby's eyesight and hands-on ability, multi-color matching, give the baby more shape and color combinations


Product Name: Ocean Ball Pool
Sponge: Density 30
size: 90cm*30cm
Thickness: 5cm
Material: high-grade elastic cotton cloth, inner core high-quality sponge
Product name: ocean ball
Product specifications: multi-color optional
Product material: food grade PE Product process,blister process
Specifications: 5.5cm*5.5cm
Use scenarios: early childhood education centers, kindergartens, shopping malls and other places for children's activities.
Package Included:
1 X Play Pit With 200Balls
Tips for use:
The ball pool needs to be folded and packaged for transportation, and it will be deformed after a long period of folding and extrusion. We only need to take out the ball pool from the package, and it can be restored to its original state after three days without any creases, and the baby's play will not affect its original state

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