Kirameki Premium Cast Iron Nitriding Processing Stir-fry Wok - 33cm V445-C220272

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Kirameki Premium Pure Iron Nitriding Processing Stir-fry Wok (Made in Japan)

Kirameki Premium Cast Iron Nitriding Processing Stir-fry Wok is proudly made in Japan, recognized as a "dream frying cast iron wok" that keeps the best part of iron fry-pan while keeping rust away and maintenance easy. The inside and outside sides of iron material are special processing with fiber-like concave-convex. It is a metal series ACTUALLY MANUFACTURE in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture, known for its excellent metal processing technology. Wide surface area to receive heat due to unevenness and double fiber line design, heats up to the core of the food at once and traps umami.

Known about Double Fiber Line Technology

Double fiber refers to a double fiber line technology applied on the surface of the wok, it helps to heat up to the core of the food at once and traps umami. And Nitriding is a hardening process on top of a double line fiber surface where atomic nitrogen is introduced into the surface of a ferrous alloy. It helps to maintain the hardness of the work itself. It enables the wok not easier to rust and damage. KIRAMEKI uses special Nitrogen Treatment is a surface processing technology used for anti-rust of aircraft or automobile parts. Nitriding wok is also a pre-seasoned wok which is an upgrade version of double fiber line wok to help you achieve delicious Asian cuisine.

The benefit of Cast Iron Nitriding Processing Stir-fry Wok

  • A high-quality cookware by Kirameki - 100% made in Japan.
  • 99.7% High purity Iron Wok.
  • Premium pre-seasoned wok
  • Nitrogen Treatment for the hardening process
  • Wooden handle, anti-scalding and non-slip
  • Not easy to stick and not easy to rust
  • We guarantee you about its surface that it would not peel, blister, or crack when heat is applied.
  • Additionally, Suitable for gas, electric, glass-ceramic, halogen, induction as well as grill.
  • Caution: While using the electric, glass-ceramic, halogen, induction stove, the wok will change its shape but go back after it cools down. It is normal. Gas is the best choice with the best performance.
  • Fast heat distribution, not easy to rust
  • Lightweight and durable compared with other traditional woks

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