Japanese Yorozufuru-sho Brown Donabe Chestnut 5# Rice Clay Pot - Made in Japan - 2.4L V445-C210263

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Japanese Yorozufuru-sho Brown Donabe Rice Clay Pot - Made in Japan

Donabe means clay pot in Japanese. Japanese Yorozufuru-sho Brown Donabe Rice Clay Pot is one of Japan's oldest cookware. In Japan, hot pot cooking is called nabemono, or nabe, and cooked in donabe, traditional clay pots.

Why to Buy this Clay Pot

  • When comfort is your first priority then no clay pot can deliver you better comfort than this.
  • Despite delivering comfort it is a healthier as well as affordable option.
  • We are damn sure that you have not experience such quick and reliable clay pot before.
  • It is simply perfect when you make your broth bases in advance. These satisfying one-pot meals can be customize for anyone (including kids!).
  • It comes up with High thermal-storage. This Clay pot is advance and has capability to heat the food from inside thoroughly.
  • Additionally, it has water absorbency feature that differentiate this clay pot from other local pots in the market. It even starts evaporation heat when you put some water into it. Because of clay and vaporization it keeps itself cold from inside. Therefore, such types of pots are good for juicy cold food. Trust me buying this would not make you loss, you will experience extremely juicy and amazing taste of rice.


  • Cooking rice for 3 to 7 people
  • Heat resistant glazing technique
  • Traditional earthy brown finish with forest green accent
  • Handcrafted/li>
  • Made with perfection in Japan

Small: 24cm X 18cm X 16.5cm , 1.7 L, suitable for 1-2 people
Medium: 24cm X 21cm X 17cm , 2.4 L, suitable for 2-4 people
Large: 28cm X 24cm X 21cm, 4L, suitable for 5-7 people

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